..\SqlCodeGuard30\exceptions files are 20GB+


I am bit perplexed as to what SQL Code Guard is, but some users who reply on SQLPrompt only are discovering massive single log files occasionally - in excess of 20GB, and then the filesystems are full.

What to do?! What is it?  How to stop that occurring?

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    David_DDavid_D Posts: 26 Bronze 2
    Hi @FIRTHRO,

    Thanks for your post! Can you provide me with your SQL Prompt version?

    Per our release notes, this was a bug that should have been fixed as of SQL Prompt 10.3.2+. If you are on an older version of SQL Prompt, you can update by selecting SQL Prompt > Help > Check for Updates.

    I hope this answer helps you - please let me know if it does!

    Thank you,
    David Dang
    Product Support Engineer
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