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Extending Summarise Script

Posting here instead of UserVoice because a screenshot helps explain it.

Summarise script is a good feature.  I often encounter SPs with 20+ statements.  It would be nice if the logic already built into Summarise Script could generate 'Step #1 - xxx' comments for each statement as having the step number really helps me to understand what i'm looking at for large procs... 

alternatively, if it could generate a the list of steps as a comment that we could stick at the top of the SP to document it, that would be helpful as well - even if it isn't perfect it would be really helpful to automate the bulk of it and the developer could tweak it to make it even more useful for other developers.

/*  SP : dataset.usp_Example

    Step #01 - INSERT INTO dbo.xyz
    Step #02 - UPDATE dbo.abc
    Step #03 - OPEN cursor_n
    Step #04 - SELECT INTO #qwerty

not sure how useful it would be - just chucking the idea into the ether.
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