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Views not picked up

Output from New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact suggests that views should be created, but what actually was deployed by Use-DatabaseReleaseArtifact does not include them.  Is there a setting i need to check to correct this?

Here's the output from New-DatabaseReleaseArtificact:

Generating Deploy Preview Report...
    A report will be generated containing a list of objects that will be affected during the deployment.
        CREATE Table: [CSI].[module]
        CREATE Table: [CSI].[module_h]
        CREATE Table: [CSI].[module_t]
        CREATE View: [ODS].[CSI_module]
        CREATE View: [ODS].[CSI_module_h]

The tables were created but not the views. Why would the output suggest the views would be created but the Use-DatabaseReleaseArtifact does not follow through?  Confusing and inconsistent.


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