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Unable to SetNewDifferenceFilter(Object reference not set to instance of object) issue

Hi, I'm using SQL source control I'm using this integrated with SSMS since 6 months. Currently I'm facing Unable to SetNewDifferenceFilter (Object reference not set to instance of object) issue while linking database to source control. PFA screenshot and advice on this.


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    As you've mentioned in the email, the root-cause for this issue seems to be the below session in the Filter.scpf file.

    <User version="1"><Include>False</Include><Expression /></User>

    after you changed it to 
    <User version="1"><Include>True</Include><Expression /></User>

    you were able to deploy into target db and link db in SSMS.

    Alternatively, you could also try deleting Filter.scpf file, relink the database, and reconfigure the filter rules.

    Thanks for sharing your solution with us!

    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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