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Not able to connect MySQL 8.0.20 in Redgate data compare

Not able to connect MySql 8.0.20 through Redgate data compare tool, While trying to connect getting below error
"Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061): Authentication failed."
But using same username password able to connect in unix command line in local and remotely. 


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    brleebrlee Posts: 1 New member
    same issue here, mysql percona 8.0.19 .... authentication failed only in mysql compare. All other clients and command line work except mysql compare.
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    Same issue here. You can change the MySQL 8 default password to native password in the config file and you appear to connect, but then cannot get a list of objects in the DB for some reason.
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    ReenaRLDReenaRLD Posts: 1 New member
    Same issue here. Does anyone has a solution for this?
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    snowflakesnowflake Posts: 1 New member
    Is there any resolution for it yet.. I still can't connect to MySQL8.0. 
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    I have been 100% unsuccessful in logging into any of our Azure hosted MySql databases! It just gives me a generic authentication failure error. (Authentication failed) I connect via EntityFramework (C#), MySql Workbench and TablePlus with no issues.

    I have no idea why your product will not connect. There is no way for me to evaluate this other than to tell my company it is a broken product, don't buy it.

    MySql Compare

    Keith Barrows
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    dgemzerdgemzer Posts: 1 New member
    I had the same issue. From the research I have done, I had to deploy a younger version of mysql because the compare tool doesn't support 8
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