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We are currently using SQL Monitor v10.2.4.32896 and we keep getting errors with our base monitor

We are getting alerts that a number of our SQL instances are unavailable, usually very early on Sunday mornings, and when we login the SQL servers are not actually having the issues. It is the server where our SQL Monitor base monitor is located that is having the issue. Is there something we should be doing like restarting the server on a regular basis or any other kind of potential solution for this issue? We are getting a little tired of being woken up in the middle of the night with reports that our SQL servers are having issues when it's actually the monitoring server that is having the issue. Please advise with any potential solutions or work-arounds. We would be happy to provide our logs for investigation, if you woul d like. Thanks!


  • MarkTampaMarkTampa Posts: 14 New member
    The question becomes what type of errors are you getting?  Is there a pattern to day of the week, time of day, specific servers?  Could it be a network issue?  A switch issue?  We had this type of senario a few years back where SQL Mon kept telling us that a few of our SQL Servers were up and down over and over Fri at 10PM. After the pattern of two weeks in a row we got the network team involved and they found the issue with a switch going bad.
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