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Breaking out different Schemas within same database for change automation

We have challenges at database level when product developers work on some shared databases; often the problem might be resolved if different Schemas, within those databases could be manged separately within the change respositories. 
Is this supported by the Redgate toolset & is there any guidance available/ anyone have any experience in doing this?


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    If I'm understanding the question correctly, you have a database that is supported by multiple developers and want to isolate your releases by schema.  If this is the case, then yes, SQL Change Automation can handle this.  You'd need to create a filter file that either includes or excludes the schema in question.  This can be done from SQL Compare and then saved off and stored in source control so you can call it out in your tasks under the filter path parameter of the SCA tasks.  Let me know if this helps or if you need additional detail, I can work up some screenshots outlining the process.
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