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Tracking Blocking by Database

Hello Everybody,

I have been tasked with reporting on the amount of blocking, by database, that is occurring in our SQL Monitored environment. Can someone point me to toward the appropriate tables to support the data reporting for this task. Of course, if someone has already addressed this challenge, I would appreciate hearing back from you.

Thank you.

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    squigleysquigley Posts: 236 Gold 1
    Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your inquiry with the SQL Monitor Tool.
    The closest equivalent we have to your request is either the Blocking Processes section in the SQL Monitor Overviews Page or the Alert Tile in SQL Monitor Reports. Unfortunately with the latter there isn't a way to filter it by alert type so you will just a bunch of alerts including blocking. Apologies for this.

    If you would like for this to become a feature one day, I would highly recommend creating a uservoice request so that the developers can see the demand for such a feature: https://sqlmonitor.uservoice.com/forums/91743-suggestions

    Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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