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Perform Create task marking changes as deployed when they have not been.

I'm attempting to deploy to multiple existing databases in a release pipeline. They are all identical, and I'm attempting to create them all from the same build package. In the create step for the additional databases, redgate is marking the changes as deployed, and filling the migrationlog table with the entries of them being deployed. 

What is the create step doing that is marking them as deployed? There was no migration log on these databases before I ran the release against them. 

How do I stop them from being marked as deployed in the create step, and how do I set the migration log to let them know they have not been deployed? 

Where does all of this take place?


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    Hello @FranksTV ,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry that you're having trouble with SQL Change Automation. SQL Change Automation will mark the script as deployed if there's an entry for the migration script with the same checksum. Are you only creating one deployment script and then deploying the same script across all the databases? Also, are you able to provide a copy of the release logs?

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz
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