Warning 480: Failed to create output folder on the Default Instance only

maelmael Posts: 2 New member

I'm having an issue where a scheduled backup that had worked up until May stopped working. I've got backups running on multiple named instances just fine, but a similarly configured backup on the default instance fails with that error now.

I've tried changing the server options on just the default instance in case the application or server stopped liking _(local)_ being in the file name, but that didn't help. I've deleted and recreated the scheduled backup as well as upgrading SQL Backup and the server components to no avail.

Is there some material difference with the way the default instance is handled that may have changed?

Thanks for any advice!


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  • petey2petey2 Posts: 87 Silver 3
    Could you please post the SQL Backup log from the failed SQL Backup backup process?  The default folder where the logs are stored is C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Log\<instance name>.  Thank you.
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  • maelmael Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks for the response petey2 - after investigating i eventually narrowed it down to the account that sql backup service was running under being different for the default instance than all the rest, and as is often the case, it came down to user permissions. 
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