Monitoring errors after upgrade to SQL Monitor 10.2.1

Just upgraded to and a number of SQL 2012 SP1 servers result in the exception: 'user_objects_deferred_dealloc_page_count'. This I see is fixed in SQLMonitorWeb_10.2.3.31956.exe - which I'm applying right now.

However, 2 Azure SQL 2017 databases also result in the exception: Operation failed. Operation will cause database event session memory to exceed allowed limit. Event session memory may be released by stopping active sessions or altering session memory options. Check sys.dm_xe_database_sessions for active sessions that can be stopped or altered. If no sessions are active on this database, please check sessions running on other databases under the same logical server.

I'm not sure if this is a database-related issue or a monitoring issue.Is the latter, is this fixed in the latest version of SQL Monitor? If so, where can I download this from?


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