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Synching 2 databases with the same schema

FritzoidFritzoid Posts: 2 New member
edited August 17, 2020 7:25AM in SQL Data Compare

I think there's something I don't understand about SQL data compare. 

I have a database with around 2500 tables. I have 2 instances of it where one of them has more data than the other. They have both the exact same schema. I want to 'sync' them so that the one with less data becomes the same as the one with more data :)

I do the comparison and it says 1282 tables are different and 1366 are identical, so far so good. When i then want to 'deploy' the one with more data to the one with less, i get a lot of warnings like: 

'Foreing keys: The table sometable has foreing keys to other undeployed tables blabla'. I think I understand that.
It says '1282 tables selected for deployment' which is understandable. These are the tables with data differences. But why doesn't it just select those 'undeployed tables' for deployment as well then?? Is there a way to say that even though the data in some tables wont change etc. Basically say: Select ALL tables for deployment...

Hope this is somewhat clear. 

It feels like im missing something. 

Any insight would be nice :)

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