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Duplicate Databases Monitored for Two Separate Instances

WScottWWScottW Posts: 7 New member
I'm using SQL Monitor to monitor 55 instances. One of the servers has two instances that are being monitored, however, the first instance databases are the only ones being monitored. Each instance has a dedicated port (1435 for instance 1, and 1436 for instance 2), however, in SQL Monitor instance 1 databases show up for both instances. Instance 2 is not being monitored at all. I noticed this when I started getting duplicate deadlock alerts from both instances. Has any run into this before?


  • Hi WScottW, this rings a bell actually but from a long time ago. I've been digging through our issues and can't find something specific. Have you configured the separate instances ports individually within the Configuration > monitored servers page? The only other advice I can give is to upgrade if possible, as you're running a very old version now and we certainly haven't seen anything like this recently.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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