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Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine Review

If you were thinking to buy Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine but you were confused about its features or you don’t know much about this sewing machine then you have landed at just the right place. Sewers should never compromise when it comes to the quality of their work and in building their reputation in the sewing community. It’s a perfectly designed sewing machine for all your professional needs.

This best Brother sewing machine   is designed to help beginners who want to work on heavy fabric but they are not able to because their light sewing machines are not able to handle fabric properly. Today we have come up with the complete review of Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine to eliminate all your confusion about this model.


Let’s go through the amazing features of this sewing machine and these can make your work exceptionally great.

Built-in Stitches:

In the beginning, many sewers often discuss this problem that their sewing machine doesn’t have enough built-in stitches for experimenting. Brother ST531HD has 37 built-in stitches including zigzag, decorative, blind hem and many more to make your work simple. The drop feed system of this sewing machine gives you the freedom to utilize free-motion sewing.


This sewing machine has the potential to deal with heavy fabric like leather, velvet and many more. If you are willing to work on fabrics like this then this model is the right choice for you. This sewing machine has heavyweight needles that can deal with fabric like denim. The needles of this sewing machine can also handle daily life fabric like silk with quality. This sewing machine is good enough to cope with multiple layers of fabric at the same time.

Threading System:

The threading system of this sewing machine is exceptional and it can make your work way too easy. With the help of an automatic needle threading system, you can thread the whole sewing machine in a few minutes without wasting time or straining eyes. Once you push the lever, this sewing machine automatically pushes the thread into the needle.

Jam-Resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin:

Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine has come up with an exclusive jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin to ensure a user that your bobbin is staying at its place. You don’t have to pull the thread or you don’t have to remove the cover again and again to check its position. This bobbin also helps in providing that top-notch quality of stitches to your garment. There will be no rust on your bobbin so there is no need to worry about anything.

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Non-Stick Foot:

As this sewing machine for beginners is designed to work with heavy fabric like leather too, so when you are working with leather, it often starts sticking to the ordinary sewing machine. By attaching this amazing foot to the sewing machine, it will handle fabric with ease like vinyl and suede. In addition, it will maintain the consistency of the work and you don’t have to pull the fabric after short intervals of time.

Versatile Feet:

In old sewing machines, you won’t be able to have this feature of using several kinds of feet. Feet help a user in designing with ease and you can switch to different feet in a few minutes. This sewing machine is quite easy to use so there is no complication. These 6 versatile feet will make your work professional neat and way too better than before.


If you don’t know what is free-arm then let us elaborate on it. Free-arm is an amazing modern-day feature in a sewing machine that helps in sewing narrow openings as well as parts of the garment that are less in space. When you remove the storage compartment from the sewing machine free-arm feature will be in the action. When you are not using this feature of free-arm, you can use this place to store accessories of the sewing machine.

Finger Guard:

It’s extremely important to take precautionary measures while doing work on the sewing machine. This is one of its kind of sewing machine that has come up with a finger guard to protect the user from any kind of injury during work. Due to the speed of the sewing machine, you may get injured and this is why even at the time of changing the needle, you should wear a finger guard. In case of any emergency when you are working in a hurry, a finger guard will save you from any kind of damage.

Built-in Handle:

This sewing machine has come up with a built-in handle to help the user in carrying it anywhere. This handle is fixed in the middle of a sewing machine. This sewing machine doesn’t have a cover so you have to buy it but this model is too lightweight that you can carry it anywhere with just handle. While buying a cover for it, you can simply take measurements of a sewing machine.

Stitch Selector:

Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine has a stitch selector and this feature made selection much easier. All the stitches are printed right at the front of the sewing machine so you can simply move the dial and select what you need. The other accessories of the sewing machine include a 3-piece needle set, 6 feet, extra spool pin, screwdriver, spool caps, bobbins and instructional manual for you.

This sewing machine is a complete package for everyone who is going through difficult times in terms of finding the right sewing machine. This model is advanced and suitable for people with durability issues. From threading to the tension of a sewing machine, this model has everything you were dreaming of having in entry-level sewing machine.


The majority of the sewers wonder How to Choose the Best Affordable Sewing Machine for Beginners   but they don’t know how to answer this question. Brother ST531HD is your answer and you will be impressed by the functions of this sewing machine. No matter if you are working on the learning level or if you are working on the professional level, this sewing machine can give you all the right reasons to love sewing.

This sewing machine can make your dream come true of being a professional sewer.

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