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RJollyRJolly Posts: 1 New member
I have updated SSMS to 18.6 and now SQL Search does not work. Any suggestions?


  • RobynRobyn Posts: 170 Silver 5

    Thanks for your post. 

    Have you uninstalled and reinstalled your Redgate tools after upgrading SSMS? If not, I'm afraid you will need to do this first. 

    If SQL Search is visible but it is not working eg. the search button is greyed out. then you may be experiencing the same bug we found in SSMS 18.5. There are two  workarounds to try:

    Downgrade to SSMS 18.4, and downgrade to SQL Search 3.4.2

    Or, if you don't need it, uninstall SQL Dependency tracker

    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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  • I have just downloaded from your site SQL Search 3.4 and installed it and when I go into SSMS and click on the SQL Search button nothing happens. I am running SSMS 18.6 I have read the above post and says to downgrade to 18.4. Now that is not an option.  Is there another Solution?

     I am thinking about buying SQL Monitor but seeing how this SQL Search is not working and your solution is to down grade, dose not sit right with me? What is going to happen if I get SQL Monitor and it does not work on I cannot down grade SQL.

  • AbranteAbrante Posts: 1 New member

    I have the same issue, i  did a fresh install of SSMS 18.6 and then installed SQL Search

    I do get the SQL Search button in SSMS but nothing happens when i click it. 

  • I'm afraid for now there are only two workarounds. For some users, uninstalling SQL Dependency Tracker is enough and this will allow you to continue using SSMS 18.6. If this solution does not work for you or you need SQL Dependency Tracker installed, the only other solution is to downgrade both SSMS and SQL Search. You will need SSMS 18.4 and SQL Search 3.4.2. 

    We have escalated the issue to development engineers but as it stands we have no predicted fix. 
    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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  • I never had SQL Dependency Tracker Installed, so that is not the issue here.
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