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Will SQL Monitor accept a Group Managed Service Account

SamJSamJ Posts: 5 New member
I've posted another question about installation problems with a conventional AD Service account.  I'm contemplating the switch to a GMSA which is more secure since it doesn't require the management of a password and prevent local login using the account.  Does SQL Monitor support GMSA for authentication?


  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    You can - however you can't currently enter it into the UI yet as the validation requires a password. You would need to run the basemonitor service as the GMSA, and then connect to the Monitored Server using the Basemonitor account.

    We have an issue when configuring it within the installer as well I'm afraid, so its best to run through the install with a normal admin account and then change the account in the services panel.
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