Can SQL Monitor Alerts start a SQL job or run a SQL Script or start a Custom Metric ?

IgnitionIgnition Posts: 2 New member
edited October 22, 2020 6:23AM in SQL Monitor
Sorry, the actual Category for this question is SQL Monitor (for some reason I can only select SQL Prompt in ADS)
I've configured the recommended metrics for SQL Injection alerts.  I have also configure an Extended Event to capture failed SQL Scripts.  Can I configure my SQL Injection Alert to run a query against the extended events?


  • TalkMoreTalkMore Posts: 1 New member
    There are 2 steps to this. Create your t-sql query for the extended event and configure the alert to run the query
    Do you want to recieve an e-mail or just log the information in a table somewhere and later run a report on the data?
    Tell me more about the alert. It is fairly easy to call a job from a SQL server agent alert and to set up auditing to track failed logins
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