Persistent Proxy Settings

Every time I upgrade SQL Monitor to a any new version, my changes to RedGate.SqlMonitor.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.exe.config for proxy settings are overwritten. Is there any way to keep them persistent in the configuration?


  • DanCDanC Posts: 146 Silver 5
    Hi @clayton

    Unfortunately each time you upgrade to a new version these settings will be overwritten, the only thing I could suggest would be to keep a copy of the settings to reconfigure.


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  • JonnyGJonnyG Posts: 5 New member
    It looks like this option might not even be availible in 10.2 and above as the move to .net core seems to remove this file. Any chance now we are running .NET core we could get an appsetting file similar to SQL Clone that would persist across updates
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