Are all obfuscation features enabled in the SmartAssembly evaluation version?

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I am seeing only string obfuscation in the EXE file; there is no method name mangling and not a single Unicode unprintable character anywhere in the obfuscated code, although I do have those features enabled:

Pruning : ENABLED, without exclusions
Types/Methods Name Mangling: ENABLED, using Unicode unprintable + advanced renaming
Field Names Mangling:  ENABLED, standard renaming
Strings Encoding :   ENABLED, I want to use strings encoding with improved protection
MSIL Disassembler Protection:  ENABLED I want it


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    Hi @TR88,

    SmartAssembly will automatically exclude some of your code's types or members from obfuscation if it thinks that changing their names would break your application, which is the reason why not all code may be obfuscated. The page here lists the most common reasons for automatic exclusions. 

    If you enable logging for SmartAssembly though, the log file should also give the reason why each excluded type was excluded. Could you please take a look at the log and send across some of the reasons listed?

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