Why does SQLDoc cancel changes without warning the user? (persisting MS_Description fields)

jensgcjensgc Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 10 New member
I was using my morning commute to document part of the database I'm working on now. When I enter descriptions for various objects SQLdoc shows the two buttons "Save changes to database" and "Cancel changes" next to each Description line - but there is no kind of warning that everything not saved to the database will dissappear if I change to a different tab (eg. from Schemas to Users). 

I find that quite frustrating. When working on the train I work without connection to the database. I would expect that SQLdoc should be able to keep changes in memory (and/or in the .sqldoc file)  - or at least give a warning if I try to leave a page where information have been entered without saving it to the database. It would also be nice to be able to save all changes at once instead of having to click save for every single MS_Description line I've edited.

It is not logical that the include check boxes found on every object page are persisted in memory and on file, but the description fields - that are really core documentation fields - are not. 


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