Bug RedGate.Client.Service block http driver to stop

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edited July 4, 2020 5:58AM in ANTS Performance Profiler
Hi all,

Currently evaluating

Product ANTS v10.3.2.2010
OS : Windows7x64
IIS : v7.5

sometimes on local development, Im using 
//script 1
net stop http
net start http
iisreset /start
IIS depends on http driver, in very rare situations using this^ to unblock IIS because 
iisreset /restart
 is not doing the job.

Some days ago I installed the ANTS to do some tests, today I execute the //script 1\\, then IIS is unable to start... wtf?


querying the service with sc
sc queryex http

hmm, struggling to find out whats wrong, in the end the solution is to stop RedGate.Client.Service.exe


today never start ANTS

I can reproduce it any time, please give a shot at Redgate DEV laboratory. 

>> Going to uninstall ANTS, waiting for bug free version. ;)


Expected result : 

http driver to occupied only when ANTS is running
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