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Creating script for inserting data at static data table from data compare between two script folders

I have a scripts folder containing
c:\myproject\mydatabaseuser\data\table_a_data.CSV  (created by source control)

The second scripts folder does not contain the table and the data (it is a new table that must be added). It is possible data compare to create the deployment script ( I checked at options "take a schema from the source" and I got nothing)?

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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
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    What version are you seeing this on and can you put a screenshot or elaborate a bit more on what you are doing and trying to achieve?  I've just checked in 5.7.4 and 5.7.6 and when I compare a script folder created by Source Control for Oracle for a table with some static data linked and compare that to an empty folder using the "take schema from the source" it will both update the target scripts folder and also create an insert script (in both cases it is only for the data, no schema included).

    I do notice you indicate the data script is called table_a_data, but for me it's just table_a.sql (in the tables folder) and table_a.csv (in the data folder), so I'm not sure why there is that discrepancy.
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    nikos74nikos74 Posts: 10 New member
    At the target folder there was the file StaticDataSettings.xml that copied by the source folder. Removing the 

    <value version="1" type="SerializedDataTablesRecord">
          <DatabaseObject version="1" type="DatabaseObject">
    Deployment script was created after the finish of the data compare.
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