Distributed Test Setup

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Can you give me some practical guidance that will help with setting up a distributed test? I would like to run from one machine as the controller but have all virtual clients on other machines.

What needs to be installed and running for the virtual clients to be effective?



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    Hello Jason,

    Distributed tests are available to Enterprise Edition users of ANTS Load; this is not available in any other edition or the demonstration version.

    They allow you to set up a topology consisting of a master (the console) mediator(s) (load distributors) and hosts (that run the actual virtual clients). You can set the topology to control any computer where ANTS Load is installed. On the mediators and hosts, all that needs to be installed is the 'Distributed Test Service'. To do this, install ANTS Load choosing 'Custom Installation' and de-select everything but the Distributed Test Service.

    The service can run under the LocalSystem account, which is the default, but the master requires you to log on with an account that has access to the performance counters of the participating machines. This is because the perf counter data is used in the load balancing algorithm. The machines with the fastest processor, most available memory, and most disk space will get more load than other hosts.

    The only requirement to install the distributed test service is the .NET Framework, as ANTS Load needs this because it uses .NET 'remoting' extensively. The test's TCP port must also be allowed on any personal (Windows XP SP2) firewall or network firewalls. The default port is 8085.

    Please let me know if you need more information.
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