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Confusion around repo commit & pull sequence for SCA dev

We've got some developers that made larger changes (schema and programmable objects) to their local DBs.  We got one dev's changes into source (git repo in Azure Devops), buildable, and pushed to the remote repo.  Then, the other dev, who had changes in his local DB, but NO migrations (or programmable objects) generated in the git working tree, pulled the changes down...and it was messy.  The docs here:



"If another member on your team has pushed their commits you will need to use the Pull button to get the changes locally. In order to pull, you should not have any uncommitted changes. If you have uncommitted changes you can:
  • Finish the changes you are working on and create a commit
  • Temporarily Stash your changes using the 'git stash' command in the command line (advanced)"
Since there were no changed files in the working dir, we thought it was safe to pull and apply first.  But it was not.

Should we have generated migrations (and added/committed them) for the 2nd dev's changes BEFORE pulling the 1st dev's work and trying to apply it?

Thank you,

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