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SSMS SCA Hangs regularly

SCA 4.2.20168 in SSMS
The SCA plugin seems to hang quite regularly for various operations.  Noticed it during "Apply to Database" today, but I believe I've seen it in other tabs/processes, too. Is this being worked on?

I have to admit I'm torn between going back to the VS plugin vs trying to stay with the SSMS one.  I know you are putting more dev cycles into the SSMS one, but gosh, it's been a fairly clunky experience.

i will update SCa today from 20168 to the latest...see if that helps...

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    Ivo_MillerIvo_Miller Posts: 31 Silver 3

    The SSMS plugin should at no point perform worse than the Visual Studio plugin. If you do have a reproducible scenario of this we would be happy to look into it.

    We are aware that we are lacking good progress indications in SSMS, and that may make it appear that the application is hanging even if it isn't. In general, we don't currently know of any scenario where the application actually hangs. It generally completes operations successfully, though some do occasionally take some time. Adding progress information is high on our priority list to improve this experience.

    In terms of certain operations occasionally taking a lot longer to run. This generally happens when we need to rebuild the shadow and redeploy the project from scratch. I have mentioned in the other post you raised the conditions around the shadow being rebuilt (https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/87078/ssms-plugin-verify-success-invoke-databasebuild-error-fail). It is possible to avoid shadow database rebuilds with certain patterns of development.
    In addition, if running the shadow database on Azure the logic for dropping and recreating the shadow can be time-consuming.

    If your project has a complex baseline script, performance of the shadow rebuild may be improved by using SQLClone instead of a baseline, currently in preview mode.

    To summarise, we are conscious of the issues you have raised, and there is active development going on to address them.
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer


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    Thank you, @Ivo_Miller.  If I notice an actual hang, I will add the circumstances to this post.  Agreed on the progress indicators and or/log output.  Could be a nice option to actually see verbose logging output when some of these operations are going on.

    I am aware that some of these issues could be SSMS-related, too.  I'm just desiring a clean and enjoyable DB dev process for the devs on my team as they sometimes bring up a comparison to SSDT DB projects.  I don't want the team to move in that direction.  So, some anxiety around that.

    On a side note, I think you guys fixed the issue with not being able to drop the shadow, which often incurs a lengthy timeout.  Glad to see you are making progress.


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