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SQL Prompt adding Quotes at end of list not around criteria and won't add commas

NKeithNKeith Posts: 2 New member
edited June 23, 2020 8:49PM in SQL Prompt

If I have this  ('100' '103' '104' '172' '174') --- (Note No Commas and I am using SQL Server)

and select Add quotes, nothing happens and if I select "add quotes and commas"  I get this-- '(''100'' ''103'' ''104'' ''172'' ''174'')'I need it to  do this ( '100', '103' , '104', '172', '174' )  why did it stop doing this formatting and how can I fix it?  UPDATE -  A coworker said this happened to him as well and he thinks it is something to do with when we copy and paste from excel -  where it basically wraps lines in quotes. How can we correct this?


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