SQL Prompt cannot access SSMS snippets folder in Azure Data studio

RajivYanamandraRajivYanamandra Posts: 1 New member
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Installed the SQL Prompt v0.2.2  in the Azure Data studio. I have set the path of the SSMS snippets folder in the settings as well. But when SQL prompt tries to access the folder it fails throwing a "Failed to import snippets from SSMS: Error: Access to the path denied". I have given the full control permission to everyone. It should be having access to the folder. 
Does anyone else has had this issue?


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    Hi @RajivYanamandra

    Sorry you're having trouble with our ADS extension. This issue isn't something we've seen before. Could you try moving the snippets to a different location and seeing if the extension can access them there? This should tell us whether it's a general issue or specific to the location you're trying to use.

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    In case it helps....

    I do not have SQL Prompt for SSMS installed, only the ADS version (v0.2.2).  I get a similar error at launch of ADS:

    Failed to import snippets from SSMS: Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.String. Path: $['JOIN Schemas_Tables_Columns Template'].prefix | LineNumber: 3 | BytePositionInLine: 24.

    I do NOT believe I've done and mods to the extension's setting other than for formatting.  In the settings panel (i.e. the GUI, and NOT looking at or editing the JSON directly) the three displayed settings are such:

    Sql Prompt: Active Style = DSD SQL Style

    Sorry if this muddies the issue the original poster raised, but I thought they might be related.

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