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Are you guys aware that version 8 of SQL Compare is not working as it should? I've tried it on a couple of databases and it failed on both (some SQL error). Version 7 had no problem in either case.


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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry that you have run into problems. So far, we are not aware of any major problems with SQL Compare 8. It would be brilliant if you could us some more information about what exactly is going wrong.

    Thanks, Tom

    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    OK, what do I need to do to send you guys the script / db?
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    You can use SQL Compare to take snapshots of your databases (in v8, go to File -> Create Snapshot).

    Can you send them to me (alice.easey@red-gate.com) with a description of the steps you did to make it break and I'll investigate further.

    Red Gate Software
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    Thanks for sending us the .bak.

    You're right, it's a new bug in SQL Compare 8.0. We're investigating the issue at the moment and will keep you posted of any developments.
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    Hi pbz; I've had a look at your database, and the problem is caused by the way the engine finds text object dependencies on 2005 databases.

    It is matching up the datetime function parameters in several functions to the dbo.DateTime function, which causes a circular dependency. To try and remove the circular dependency, the engine puts all the functions at the start of the sync script, which is then breaking when you try and run it.
    I'm doing a code fix at the moment; in the meantime, you could upgrade to SQL Server 2008 Express which does not have this issue, or rename the DateTime function to something else that does not clash with an object type name.

    Thanks for the bug!

    Simon C
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