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Why Does SQL Source Control commit my changes to TFS as CREATE instead of ALTER.?

I recently chanhged the path to my TFS repository, which is shared. I was careful to do an initial commit. Recently, after making changes to objects in SSMS, I went to commit my changes and there was no previous version showing of my object, and the deployment script to my TFS repository from Red gate Commit screen had a CREATE statement instead of ALTER, since the repository already has a copy of the object from the initial commit.
This is an issue, because, if I commit this object asis, it gets checked in to my TFS repository as somerobject1.sql where the initial committed object is someobject.sql.
I searched around the forums for awhile and found nothing to help me. I am not sure what is go gon. I am using SQL Source Control version

My SQL SSMS version is: 18.5



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