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How to apply SQL Prompt to ALL stored procedures in a database

nonenone Posts: 1 New member
I like SQL Prompt.  I like SQL Prompt so much I want to apply the formatting to ALL stored procedures in a database.  I have look everywhere but cannot find the answer.  My apologies if I missed it, bit HOW do I run SQL Prompt on ALL procedures in a database without having to open each one individually and apply formatting?  We have hundreds of stored procedures and it is not reasonable to ask that we open every one individually to apply formatting.  Thank you in advance for a solution.


  • TomWTomW Cambridge Posts: 108 Gold 1
    Hi @none

    Sadly, this isn't currently possible with SQL Prompt. There's an open UserVoice request here where you can register your interest for this functionality.

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  • jsreynolds1jsreynolds1 Posts: 76 Silver 1
    I love SQL Prompt and have been using it for years. It's usually extremely reliable.
    However, a blast through all the procedures seems a bit risky to me. I still find oddities with table variables from time to time, etc. You might want to take it on a case by case basis; maybe convert ten a day or something until they're all completed, testing each one?
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