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Can't see database backup / verify in top 10 queries on Server Host Metrics page

SevernSevern Posts: 2 New member
Yesterday I ran a (native) database backup followed by an immediate backup verify. It ran for about 4 hours in total and the verify caused the CPU to max out to 100%.

It was clear what the cause of the high CPU was at the time but curiously neither the BACKUP nor the RESTORE VERIFYONLY appeared in the TOP 10 QUERIES either at the time or now, the following morning, when I look back. I am selecting the time period from a few minutes before the backup started to after it ended and sorted by CPU time and checking "Avg. per execution" option but it doesn't show. (I also tried sorting by duration, but it still didn't show). Interestingly the backup operation did generate a long running query alert.

I wondered if there was something I was missing or misunderstanding about what the top 10 queries should show. Or are certain operations such as backups excluded from this view? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 962 Diamond 3
    Accepted Answer
    Hi @Severn,

    Those operations do not have a query plan and that is why they do not appear in the Top 10 queries list.  The same will go for re-indexing and likely a few other tasks that I can't think of / am not aware of at the moment.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards,
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