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SQL Prompt 10.2.x release causing random code substitutions when code suggestions are enabled

TheoLTheoL Posts: 17 Bronze 1
edited June 10, 2020 10:15PM in SQL Prompt
Since upgrading to SQL Prompt 10.2.0 (and subsequently 10.2.1), I have started having problems in SSMS version 17.9.1.

After a random amount of time (~1 - 30 minutes) I am finding that suddenly starts making random substitutions when I press a non-alpha key. 

First case noted: every time I pressed '@' to type a variable, the current text and subsequent next few characters were replaced by a repeatable string.  
Second case noted was whenever I started typing '(' for a function, a random substitution occurred.

In both cases, some text ahead of the cursor was also replaced. I was altering the query inside a new table-valued function.

To only way I can restore normality is to untick the "enable suggestions" option in the SQL Prompt menu. If I re-enable, it just a matter of time before it starts going haywire again. 

Anyone else seen this problem? For now, I'm trying to disable the "Use ranked suggestions" option which is flagged as a new feature.


  • TheoLTheoL Posts: 17 Bronze 1
    Since there have been no other comments, I guess it's fairly safe to assume that I'm the only one experiencing this. I try again, assuming it's something on my side ....

  • TomWTomW Cambridge Posts: 108 Gold 1
    Hi @TheoL

    That certainly sounds like a weird one. Could you share a reproduction script with us so we can try and find out what's going on?

    Software Engineer for SQL Prompt
    Redgate Software
  • CLDSCLDS Posts: 3 New member
    Hello @TomW

    This is happening for me now. I've tried updating SSMS (now v18.11.1) and re-installed SQL Prompt (now v10.11.9.27382).

    I think that @TheoL has narrowed in on the observations further than I have so far - I think their description matches what I am seeing. The non-alpha key that I've noticed triggering it has been '-' due to me regularly commenting since the time the issue began in the last week, rather than creating variables.

    I would love to know if there is a solution, otherwise I will have to stop using SQL Prompt after a trouble free first ~9 months personally. Perhaps a cache or something that can be cleared?

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for reaching out and I apologize that you are running into issues with SQL Prompt.

    Is this a new issue that has started occurring? If so, was there any change within SSMS or SQL Prompt that may have caused it?

    Thank you!
    David Kim
    Product Support Engineer
  • CLDSCLDS Posts: 3 New member
    Hello David,

    Thank you for getting back. I don't believe that there have been any changes to either.

    As I am between pieces of work, I have just tried re-installing SQL Prompt again, this time also deleting the main persistent folder I have seen: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Red Gate

    I will see whether it stays working this time.

  • CLDSCLDS Posts: 3 New member
    It only seemed to work for a matter of hours. Once I left a new comment on a script, the issue came back. I am starting to wonder if it depends on which DB server I am connection to, as this issue didn't come about earlier when I was predominantly working on another DB server connection. It might have become a noticeable issue in recent weeks as I have started using this specific DB connection more. I will have to wait and see whether working on another connection ends up keeping the issue away.
  • Hi there,

    Thank you for the update.

    We have not been able to replicate this issue on our end and it would be quite difficult to without a reproduction script/schema.

    You can refresh suggestions, either with the menu option or CTRL+SHIFT+D, which may help.

    David Kim
    Product Support Engineer

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