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For some of our objects, they are automatically scripted in and kept up-to-date from another system, whereas the remainder of the objects are source-controlled manually via SSC.

The objects that are controlled by the non-SSC can have any schema/object name etc, however they all have a particular extended property set on them (and we have control to add more etc.).

At the moment I need to manually edit the SSC filters and filter out any of these objects based on their schema/name as new one come into the database.

Would be way easier if I could just filter out objects that have an extended property set against them.

Is there any out-of-the-box or workaround to achieve that in SSC?


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  • BugmeisterBugmeister Posts: 21 New member
    edited June 11, 2020 5:42AM
    Ok cool, that was at the back of my mind as well and is likely the way we'll go but it was worthwhile checking I wasn't overlooking something more obvious or easier. Thanks. 
  • Normally we'd encourage grouping objects using schemas or via a naming convention that a single filter rule would capture. If you come up with a solution using extended properties, this might be something worth sharing with other users who have the same issue!
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