documentation for the formattingstyle schema?

I'm running SP4ADS v0.2.2.0 but it isn't clear to me what some of the settings do.

"casing": {
    "useObjectDefinitionCase": false
  "dml": {
    "clauses": {},
    "listItems": {}

Is there any available documentation on these settings?

Thanks for making SQLPrompt for ADS.  I'm pretty much using ADS instead of SSMS 99% of the time now.  Having SQLPrompt formatting is great.  Especially hoping you'll continue to add all the fine-tuning features for formatting I'm still  longing for from the SSMS version.


  • AdrianBAdrianB Cambridge, UK Posts: 24 Bronze 3

    When creating the style file, there should be in-built help that pops up within the file itself as you are typing:

    You can trigger it by pressing Ctrl+Space in the file.

    If there are any settings that you are not clear on, please don't hesitate to ask for further help.

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • DeeTronDeeTron Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks, Adrian.  That helped.  One thing I noticed while refining my formatting style to my liking.

    If I am in the caseExpressions object and in the value for the "thenAlignment" property and hit CTRL-Space, there is an extra suggestion that I think is a typo.  I see four suggested values: indentedFromWhen, intentedFromWhen, toWhen, toWhenExpression.

    I think the intentedFromWhen is a typo in the extension's codebase.  Here is a screenshot.

    Here is the base JSON you'll need for the recreate:

    "caseExpressions": {

    P.S. it seems that on the login page the username(email address) is case-sensitive.  If I'm correct about that, it would be nice to mention that on the login screen here.
  • AdrianBAdrianB Cambridge, UK Posts: 24 Bronze 3
    @DeeTron Thanks for letting us know. That is indeed a typo. It's now been fixed and will be released in the next version of the ADS extension.
    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software

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