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OK to use both Visual Studio AND SSMS SCA tools/plugins for SCA?

SCA: 4.2.20098.19104

We have an SCA project that was originally generated in SSMS.  We might have some users that would prefer to use the Visual Studio plugin instead.  Any caveats for using both tools/plugins for the same project?

PS I'm loving what I'm seeing in the SSMS tooling.  It's coming along nicely.  We had a merge conflict (user forgot to pull first), and the UI led us to your docs on installing vscode as the git merge tool.  We were then able to merge and resolve the conflict.  Awesome.

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    Ivo_MillerIvo_Miller Posts: 31 Silver 3
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    There shouldn't be any problems using the two in parallel. The SSMS plugin has been written with Visual Studio support in mind.
    There are some slight differences in capabilities between the two, but projects should be fully compatible with both. 
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer


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