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Iban number substitution

Hi, I'm wondering whether there is a substitution set for IBan numbers as these are often validated against a specific format depending on which country they are linked to.


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    Hi @KimHoutmeyers thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately there's no specific IBAN substitution data set currently in Data Masker however I have passed your feedback to the development team!
    In the meantime, there are a couple of options:

    1) You could use existing sets within Data Masker and a Row-Internal Sync rule to combine particular formats of numbers and characters to fit the format you need, this would obviously not generate a correct checksum or anything, but it could at least be the right format, and if it JUST needs to be masked this could be ok.

    2) There are a few websites where you can generate fake IBANs in a few thousands at a time - with this you could copy a few dozen thousand into a txt file and create your own dataset of them to use, although obviously this method falls down if you're trying to mask say a million IBANs or more!

    3) If you are able to generate an IBAN number using t-SQL (which is honestly not something I've ever looked into personally) then you COULD for instance either do this with a Row-Internal or a Command Rule just using the relevant t-SQL, even if this was just using some function to calculate a check digit i.e. mask the IBAN column with fake IBAN format strings, then re-do it and change the relevant part to the correct check digit using a row-internal rule

    I know none of these are _particularly_ simple however I hope it helps in some way - let me know if you have any other questions, or if you come up with a solution not listed here!

    Thank you very much!
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