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We're trying to do something with the command line on SQL Compare where we're not sure it's possible.

We have a database called TemplateDB, in which we maintain things like our tsqlt test cases, standard logging tables needed by various databases etc so we can maintain those in one place. Currently, whenever we make a change to that database we manually sync those changes to all databases that need to receive that change and we'd like to automate the sync process.

In SQL Compare command line, we wrote a statement that syncs between TemplateDB and another database and this works, however... it brings them 100% in sync so it drops stuff that doesn't exist in TemplateDB from the database we're syncing with which isn't intended behaviour.

The way we'd like it to behave is that it would just sync anything that is new in TemplateDB or that exists in both but has changed in templateDB. it should ignore anything that only exists in the other database. Is this possible?


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