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some observations after upgrade to 1.2

- sortable details grids are not sorting by data type ie sorting a date column in basetime details for a job duration unusual alert sorts by string value rather than date value:
02/02/2009 07:00
02/03/2009 07:00
09/02/2009 07:00
09/03/2009 07:00
12/01/2009 07:00
16/02/2009 07:00
16/03/2009 07:00
09/01/2009 07:00

- showing alert details specified by a custom filter from startup still displays blank screen until filter is re-selected from drop down list

- databasemail90 processes still show as long running query

- SQL Backup jobs still show as long running query (SQBCoreService.exe process)

- the name of database involved in alert details is still missing

on the up side - it seems to be way faster.


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    Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you for your comments, I have submitted your comments about filtering and the name of the database.
    Glad that it seems faster.

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Please can you let me know which Alert details are missing the databse name from your point of view.

    Thank you
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    Hi Emma,

    Apologies for the delayed response - I have been on leave.

    Just to pick the first at hand in SQL Response currently:
    The alert type is Long running query.
    I have no value for the Detail column.

    the SQL process details has one row in it. this gives the process name as ".Net SQLClient Data Provider"
    the Start Time is shown as 23/04/09 15:03:28 (it is currently 15:26)
    there is no SQL query fragment displayed

    From the details I know a slow query was executed but I have no way of knowing what the query was or what database it was running against ...

    Would a screen shot help?



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    Apologies for the extreme delay in responding. We are currently working on the next release and the information you provided has been encapsulated in an enhancement request. The reference for this feature request is SSR-706.

    Thank you for this feedback
    Best Wishes
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    So I just configured for the first time... I enabled tracing & received my first Blocked SQL process alert. I was pretty surprised the trace data doesn't contain DB name nor DB ID. Pretty basic info you'd want on a server w/ over a hundred databases, no? esp. when you've got many DBs that are structurally identical...
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