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Exclude specific deadlocks via Hostname or Application

JimRoundJimRound Posts: 2 New member
edited May 28, 2020 8:40AM in SQL Monitor

We have an application that generates numerous deadlocks, we are aware this happens and it isn't causing us any issues, ideally we'd like to be able to filter out these alerts to reduce the level of noise. 

That being said we also don't want to just turn off alerts for deadlocks completely as we would definitely want to know if other deadlocks occurred within the system.

The only pieces of identifiable information we have, that are always consistent when viewing the deadlock screen are the hostname and application, is it possible to exclude deadlock alerts using either of these?

I've tried the following in the "Exclude deadlocks involving resources matching the following regular expressions:", without success.


Any help would be appreciated.


Best Answer

  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    Answer ✓
    There's no way to filter by hostname or application I'm afraid. Resources here refers to strictly anything in the objectname property of any children of the resource-list section in the xdl. So if you take a look at this example, its it's b35961e8-4037-4c09-8235-127cd82c72ba.dbo.Employees and b35961e8-4037-4c09-8235-127cd82c72ba.dbo.Suppliers.

    Can I suggest that you post this over on As we use this to help make decisions about future feature work.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?


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