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SmartAssembly, multiple assemblies

EltonElton Posts: 1 New member
we are evaluating SmartAssembly at the moment, and this question may be simple.

I want to obfuscate a web application, say 20 DLLs, with dependencies within them. SA only allows to select one assembly. I am not sure how it deals with this simple scenario. Do I need to create a new project for each DLL? Is this going to impact them... feels strange way to do this. Other tools allow you to select many in one go, and analyse the links/relationships within them.

Thank you in advance


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    RobynRobyn Posts: 183 Silver 5
    Hi Elton, 

    I'm afraid your suspicions are correct, there is no 'multi-mode' in SmartAssembly. You will have to do each in turn. 

    It's useful feedback for us to have though, thank you. I'll take this onboard!
    Kind regards

    Robyn Edwards | Redgate Software
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