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Disk space Alert - Set globally for a specific disk

ptrubsptrubs Posts: 8 Bronze 2
From what I can see, when setting alerts for low disk space, I can only make global changes for ALL disk space on a server (or group), rather than individual drives

I can navigate down to a server level and set individual alerts on specific drives/specific machines, but I would have to do this (for each of our 100+ servers), and remember to do it when adding a new server

So regardless that my servers are set up with separate Data / Log / Temp / System drives, each with their own usage pattern, I'd like to be able to set the thresholds for individual drives - globally.

for instance: 
C:\ (System) drives, if the space gets down to 10G - raise a medium alert, 2G raise a high alert
D: E: F: and G: (Data) drives raise the medium at 10% and High at 5%

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