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Thanks for the nice features, love that we now have snippets :-)

Is there any eta, on Intellisense and autocompletion, that is the feature that I miss the most in ADS and is stopping med from changing  :upside down:


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    GrantGrant Posts: 89 Silver 5
    Me too! I mean, I'm still using ADS, but I'd love an ETA on code completion. The one from Microsoft is just awful and it makes me sad.
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    TomWTomW Posts: 108 Gold 1
    Answer ✓
    Hi @Grant and @Kilsgaard

    The aim of this public preview is to learn from the ADS community about how SQL Prompt can enhance your developer experience. As such, we're unable to provide any ETAs for any potential future features.

    I have noted down for our records that Intellisense/autocompletion is the feature you're currently missing the most in ADS.

    Software Engineer for SQL Prompt
    Redgate Software
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    sqlprosqlpro Posts: 1 Bronze 1
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    I also vote for Intellisense - this is really the main feature of SQL Prompt.

    I appreciate that you have been working on adding SQL Prompt to ADS


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    RichardKRichardK Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    Realise I'm late to the conversation, but yes, AutoComplete is the whole reason I just installed the extension in ADS too!  Red Gate's version in SSMS works so much better than the default functionality in ADS!
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    VisualDragonVisualDragon Posts: 20 Bronze 3
    +1 for Intellisense and AutoComplete.
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    SethmontgomerySethmontgomery Posts: 1 New member
    edited July 23, 2020 1:16PM
    Also adding a wish for the advanced code-completion feature for ADS. This feature is by far the most valuable and most utilized feature of SQL Prompt for our development team
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    StalkerStalker Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    +1. Intellisence and AutoComplete are reasons I use Prompt. Without it there's little sense in using ADS for real development.
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    HygginsHyggins Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Bumping this for Intellisence and AutoComplete. Without those it takes the "prompt" out of SQL Prompt
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    Hi everyone, 

    Thanks for your feedback, 

    As Tom said above the aim of the SQL Prompt in ADS preview is to learn from the ADS community about how we can improve your developer experience, and as such we cannot provide any ETAs for future features.

    We are monitoring user feedback and feature requests, which will influence our future decisions. 

    Software Engineer
    SQL Prompt / SQL Search
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    EdPearsonEdPearson Posts: 1 New member
    Intellisense was main reason to me to have it in ADS. I came on here wondering why wasn't suggesting for a temp table a cell before only to see this thread that must be only using built in one, and yea, it's very inadequate, so hope you all will add.
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    Totally agree with the above sentiment that in our day to day use suggestions/auto-complete are the main feature of SQL Prompt and it's much better than the ADS/SMSS built-in. 

    I understand you can't give any timeline guarantees but it would be good to know if this is something you expect to add at some point or if this is just not the direction of travel for this product? 
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    JBartlett_DMUJBartlett_DMU Posts: 1 New member
    Hi there, just wanted to add my vote that Intellisense is the most important feature of SQL Prompt, so that should be the #1 development focus for this extension.
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    panfivapanfiva Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Any updates on ETA? SQL prompt for ADS was in "preview" mode for over a year, which is more than enough time to formulate product strategy and roadmap. I agree with comments above that intellisense / code completion are the main reasons we buy SQL prompt. Without this feature, this product is pretty much useless.
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    VyndralysVyndralys Posts: 1 New member
    Hello, I also wanted to give a bump for SQL Prompt intellisense in ADS. After using SQL Prompt for years in SSMS, I can't live without it. I have been keeping watch on ADS and the only thing preventing me from making the switch is intellisense.
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    good_zambonigood_zamboni Posts: 1 New member
    I'll be the first in 2022 to note that SQL Intellisense (missing) is the reason we're not moving to Azure. However, SSMS is killing me. It seems fairly obviouse that MS is not doing anything to move SSMS forward. Also of note, the ability to transform a string list to contain single quotes and comma for an IN statement is very, very, very (very x3) valuable to us. My org deals with a lot of lists.
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    ejbiker93ssejbiker93ss Posts: 5 New member
    Is intellisense not planned for Azure Data Studio? 
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    FS_DanielFS_Daniel Posts: 1 New member
    +1 for Intellisense in ADS. Formatting is a huge help, but Intellisense is the killer feature for SQL Prompt in our use cases.
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    SpenceMSpenceM Posts: 1 New member
    How is this even a "feature request"? The advanced code completion is Prompt's defining reason to exist. Without it it is not even worthwhile as a free tool.
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    M_WadeM_Wade Posts: 1 New member
    +1 for intellisense.  I too feel SQL Prompt is not an essential addon to ADS so long as intellisense is missing.
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    knowcretzknowcretz Posts: 1 New member
    I understand you can't give any timeline guarantees but it would be good to know if this is something you expect to add at some point or if this is just not the direction of travel for this product? 
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    Bruno2049Bruno2049 Posts: 1 New member
    edited March 16, 2023 11:12AM
    +1 for Intellisense / MacOS support

    We are still using Windows machines, just because of your SQL Prompt for SSMS.
    Will be awesome to have support for Intellisense in ADS on MacOS.

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