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Azure Active Directory Password Authentication Support

ErinDErinD Posts: 3 Bronze 1
I've found some older questions/feedback with questions/concerns about SQL Prompt not supporting Azure Active Directory authentication methods for Azure SQL Database (Managed Instance), and I've run into problems with AAD Password Authentication.

Is support for Azure SQL Database going to be coming in the near future (3 - 6 months)?  I see cloud DB support is in development.  Does this include Azure SQL Database with AAD authentication?

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    Tianjiao_LiTianjiao_Li Posts: 684 Rose Gold 5
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    Thanks for your post.

    We are adding support for Azure AD MFA and it should work with Azure AD password authentication though.

    Which version of SSMS are you using? Could you upgrade to the latest version of SQL Prompt (10.1.7) and check again?
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    ErinDErinD Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    Thank you.  I think I had an older version of SQL Prompt installed. I just reinstalled it this morning, and I it is now working for with Azure AD Password authentication.

    Sorry for not checking my version.
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    JakeJake Posts: 1 New member
    Has MFA support been added? I am on and it wont load suggestions
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