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Can't create scripts folder

FCmicCFCmicC Posts: 1 New member
New user here.  I'm using SQL Compare 14.  I'm unable to create a scripts folder for some reason.  when I try to do it through the file menu option, SQL Compare freezes.  When I try to do it through a new project, SQL Compare freezes.  When I say it "freezes" I mean that I can't interact with the app, and nothing happens for up to 2 hours.  I can force close it via task manager, or by right-clicking the icon in the task bar, but the app itself isn't otherwise responsive.  Is this a known issue / bug?  Is this user error on my part?


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    Results from the investigation into this issue showed it was the use of SQL Compare Standard and to create a Scripts folder it requires professional edition. A bug report has been filed for the application freezing however!

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