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Is it possible to only mask a specific character in a field?

If I had a date of birth column with the datatype datetime and wanted to apply a substitution rule where only the day of the date is changed and the month and year remain what they originally were… will that be possible?


12/09/1989 > 01/09/1989

11/10/1996 > 01/10/1996


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    Hi @doo I believe I have just sent across an answer, but for anyone else who may need a similar answer I will copy my reply here :smile:

    I am curious as to why this is a requirement, if I may ask? There are some great date variance sets available for substitution rules that allow you to mask within a certain tolerance with zero not being a valid variance, and you can even correlate this same difference across multiple dates. These rules will always be faster than building in custom logic (such as my solution to your problem below).

    For the problem you’re facing though, if it needs to be the first of the month, then something like this in a Row-Internal Rule works well for me to achieve this:

    Let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help with further! Thank you very much!

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