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Can Multiple versions of SSMS and SQL Prompt coexist?

I need to support 2 very different versions of SQL Server (2005 and 2019) and I am finding I can't do this with two versions of SSMS/SQL Prompt because SQL Prompt 10 doesn't work with 2005.

Is there a way to install the newer version of SQL Prompt while preserving the older version like this? Seems like the installer just wants to go out and install the latest on all versions so there's no way to get two versions on the same computer?

SSMS 17.9.1
SQL Prompt 9.5.23
SQL Server 2005

SSMS 18.5
SQL Prompt 10.1.7
SQL Server 2019


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    Hi @joe12pack

    Sadly, you can only have one version of SQL Prompt installed on an individual machine. However, while SQL Prompt 10 does not "support" SQL Server 2005, it should still work fairly painlessly with it, so you should be OK to manage both SQL instances with the same SQL Prompt version.

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