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Data Compare not completing with command line

DHETCDHETC Posts: 3 New member
I am having an issue with SQL Data Compare not completing when running from the command line with the Project switch command. 

The setup I have been testing with is my laptop which is remote (L), development server (D) and production server (P), D and P are on the same network.

I initially did my testing from D => L, and I had no issue.  I then switched to P => D and the compare would never complete, I also tried P => L with the same results.  I then started to cut back on the number of tables that were being compared, and with limited tables the compare would complete.  Surprisingly I could have more tables selected from P => L then I could for P => D.  The command line string being used is sqldatacompare /Project:ProjectPath, no additional switches are used.

Is there any logging that gets created that gets created that I can check for possible problems? 
Running SQL Data Compare from the UI does not have any issues.
SQL Compare works fine.
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