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Find Invalid Objects crash SSMS 18.5 when windows is pinned

PowlinPowlin Posts: 42 Bronze 3
When using Find invalid objects and trying to pin the windows as tab SSMS is crashing, it work if I keep the windows floating.
This occurs using SSMS 18.5 and SQL Prompt 10 (
I have another computer running SSMS 18.4 and SQL Prompt 9 that this feature work fine.


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    Sorry to hear you are running into issues! I have just tried to reproduce it and it doesn't crash for me, so if you don't mind I will open a ticket and send you an email for some more info.
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    PowlinPowlin Posts: 42 Bronze 3
    edited May 11, 2020 6:12PM
    The problem was with the settings of the current user profile, I've deleted all settings/folder associated with "SQL Server Management Studio" and everything is working now!

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