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SQL Compare not finding differences between synonyms

dshortdshort Posts: 10 Bronze 2
Even after upgrading to, it's showing a number of synonyms as 'identical' although they're clearly different.

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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
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    Hi @dshort,

    One of the default comparison options is to ignore the database and server name in synonyms, so you will need to disable this option in the Options tab on the project configuration screen before running the comparison.  Just click Edit project, then click on Options tab and uncheck the box for that option ("Ignore Database and Server name in synonyms" I believe), then compare again.

    Because of this option it is not showing the objects as different because it is ignoring that difference whereas the comparison view you show there is showing the textual differences and will highlight this for any textual d

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