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SQL Monitor Licensing Calculation

Dear Support Team,

Im planning to buy license for SQL Monitoring unfortunately having a little bit confuse on licensing calculation. So, would you pleased if could consult me how many licenses and what they are that I need to buy for our my current system as the following:
- I have 4 nodes that run MSSQL 2016 Enterprise on windows 2016 Standard server:
Node1 and node2 have configured to run FCI with 2 instances which active instance run on each node.
Regarding node3,4 also the same above, they have configured to run FCI with 2 instances (different 2 above instaces) which active instance run on each node.

So, in this case the number of SQL Monitoring license i need to equip is 4 for 4 SQL nodes right, am I correct?
How about if I add 2 more SQL instances run FCI on node1 and node2, do I need to buy more license for these additional instances or licensing just count on SQL node only?

Thanks so much.


Best Answer

  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,325 Diamond 5
    edited April 28, 2020 11:14AM Accepted Answer
    Hi Tony, we don't licence per instance, but Windows server. Thus you can have as many instances on a single server, and it would just be a single licence. If isn't clear, please let us know.

    From your description above, you would need 4 licences, one per node of your cluster as you said; and if you add more SQL instances to node 1/node 2 (or 3/4!), this requirement will not change.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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